Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our trip to Florida

Last week, we took Garrett to Florida to meet his Grandma and Grandpa Healy and the extended Wolek Family and friends. We flew out on Saturday the 19th and got in late that night, the next morning we got up and drove to Pompano Beach Florida to meet Bill's Dad and Step Mom and Bill's cousins. We got in just in time to watch the football games that were on and have a wonderful dinner. We got to relax and see a little of the beach in South Florida. Then, on Wednesday morning we woke up and traveled to Orlando. That afternoon we took family photos with the Wolek's, the next day we drove around Orlando and Thursday night some family friends gave us a baby shower. Garrett was the hit and he behaved himself well. All the ladies from the neighborhood really enjoyed him and it was so nice to see everyone. Friday we adventured to Epcot at Disney with Grandma and Grandpa. We had lots of fun riding the rides and seeing the sites of Epcot. Garrett did great, he slept most of the day probably because he was so tired from an active week. We got up the next morning and traveled home really early. Overall, we had an amazing visit, unfortunately it was too fast and everyone was already asking us when were coming back. For now we have just been resting and recovering from the long week. This is the last week before I go back to work, boo. It will definitely be hard to leave this little man. Anyways, here are the highlights from last week.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mommy's future Frat Boy

Garrett has two outfits that are long sleeve polo shirts. Both are striped and super cute. I guess you could say that he looks good in stripes. I think he looks like a little fraternity boy. You be the judge...

Also, our little man, is getting some big cheeks! I do mean the ones on his face. Anyways, we are having a lot of fun squeezing and kissing his cheeks. I must say that they are getting a little red, I hope it is not bruising because we enjoy loving on them.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My special wake up call

Look at this face that I got to wake up to. Bill has been taking the morning shift lately when Garrett gets up around 5 am. Despite the early mornings I think he is getting used to it, just like I am starting to get used to the 1 or 2 am wake up call. Anyways, Bill let me sleep in last weekend and when I finally awoke this was the cute face that was looking back at me. Garrett got dressed up in what is one of my favorite onesies. This little man definitely loves his Mommy.

Unheard Cheers

The week of New Years Bill and Garrett put on their gear and cheered on their teams. The cheers were loud but went unheard. University of Arkansas lost the Cotton Bowl dispite Garrett learning how to Call the Hogs. That Saturday, the Pittsburgh Steelers unfortunatly lost to Jacksonville Jaguars. I hope we are not seeing a trend here because this little boy has many years of cheering on football to be a curse this early.

Curse or not the pictures are pretty cute.

Crying over the loss....