Thursday, November 29, 2007

Soon very soon!!!!!

On Wednesday I went to the doctors office and she said that Garrett was going to need some coaxing out. She did not think that she was going to induce me until next Tuesday, but wanted to get an ultrasound today and see how he was doing. I asked her how much she thought he was going to weigh, she said 7-7.5 lbs. However, we went for the ultrasound today and they took measurements and they are predicting 8 lbs 8 oz, after that we told them to hurry up. They also said that the amniotic fluid was at a lower level than they wanted it to be so the doctor said that she wanted to go ahead and induce me tomorrow!!! Yes, that is correct we will head to the hospital tomorrow at 8 am. However, the doctor did say that she thinks that Garrett will not get here until Saturday, because of my progress before the induction. Stay tuned for updates, we hope to have some pictures up here by early next week. I am sure that we will not have internet access until we get home from the hospital. Wish us luck as we venture into parenthood! Yeah little baby boy!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

No baby yet...:(

So they say that your due date will come and go and you will still be pregnant. This is true! Garrett did not arrive yesterday, boo! I think he is too happy in his warm and dark home. I personally think he is getting too big for his britches and is wearing out his welcome. We even tried having Thanksgiving dinner two times and he did not come. Bill and I went Christmas shopping today and I did some shopping yesterday. I am trying to walk this baby out. We shall see if that brings him out.

Ok so on another thought... Did any of our out of state friends actually watch the Arkansas vs. LSU game? Arkansas the unranked team that we were, beat the LSU (#1 team in the nation) in triple over time 50-48. The both of us were screaming at that game in excitement. What a awesome game!

Ok on another random thought... When is this nesting supposed to happen? I think Bill and I are both waiting for me to randomly get the urge to clean the house. At this time I am lucky to have a few good hours a day and personally I am not interested in cleaning when that happens. Bill did give me the get out of the dishes free card, but I hope that I don't abuse that card too much. I know that I am blessed to have a man that actually cooks every meal so I do want to make sure I remain thankful for him.

Anyways, stay posted here for the pictures of the little one. As soon as we have him and we have a chance to post pictures we will.

Friday, November 16, 2007

T minus one week!!!!

I know everyone is wondering if this little boy will ever get here. Ok, if your not I am for the rest of you. I am currently one week out from my due date. So far the doctor is really happy with how things are going and believes that we are on track for a healthy delivery and baby. She did think that I may be late, so Bill may get his wish to have his little man born on his birthday. Personally I think that would be an amazing gift, maybe I won't have to get him another birthday present again...hahah just kidding baby! My co-workers are starting to get worried if I haven't arrived by 9-9:30 am each morning. With doctors appointments and the lag of getting up in the morning it is around that time that my smiling face appears, but thankfully they are very understanding. Good thing I work in student affairs where the students don't even show their face until at least 10 am. Each day I am leaving knowing that it could be my last at work for a little while, I may be driving everyone crazy trying to prepare them in case Garrett makes an early appearance.

Anyways, if you are one of those people that is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new baby on the block, keep checking back here. We hope to have news and pictures to share within the next two weeks. Cross your fingers and keep us in your prayers for a healthy baby and mama! Miss you all.