Saturday, April 5, 2008

We've been a little busy

Hello everyone, Sorry long time no post. With the end of the semester fast approaching things have been a little busy. Not to mention Leslee is now in Oregon so things have been even busier and one of my best friends here is gone. Booo. Anyways, the busy month is upon us and with late evenings at work Bill has been the one to stay at home with Garrett when I am working late.

Anyways, Garrett is doing well. We finally got him over being sick and now I think spring is kicking in. He is a little congested again. My mom told me welcome to Daycare when I told her that I thought he may be getting sick again. Yuck. This time is not as bad though, or at least we haven't gotten there yet. In case you didn't read the blog Garrett is rolling over and holding his head up. We have had a lot of new experiences with him now. Our newest favorite, he is going to be like is Momma, Garrett has found his thumb and has started to suck on it when he can't find his Binky. It is really cute because it is not really big enough to fill his mouth so he really just chews on it. Ms. Mary and Ms. Liz from the Garrett's school have given him a nickname, GarBear! I think it is cute, but Bill was like, that is how people are going to start calling him Garry. We don't want that. Each day that we pick him up they always tell us how good he is and rave about the things he does. We have definitely found a great school for him. We are so much happier here than the last place.

Oh, I almost forgot. We attempted solid foods last week. We are now mixing a small amount of just rice cereal and putting it in the bottle. It must be super thick, but we only woke up one time when we fed it to him. Hallelujah!!!!! We will take only getting up once to the 5 times that we have been doing lately. Cross your fingers that this continues. While we tried this we also gave him a small taste of the pudding that I was eating, Chocolate. He enjoyed it, but I think he like the Rice Cereal better. Here are some pictures.

Ok, so Bill has been making over a 1974 VW Beetle for three years now. Last Saturday he finally got to drive it again. He has completely refurbished the BUG!!!! We are very proud, he did a lot of the body work himself and wired the car too. He had it repainted and dropped it off to his mechanic about two weeks ago. Since he was going to be able to drive the Bug now he sold his Bronco. He listed in on Craigslist and it sold in less than 24 hours, almost too quick for the bug as it wasn't ready for another week, opps. Today, he is going to take me out to learn how to drive it too. I do not know how to drive a standard. Seeing that the last time I tried to learn my Dad had to replace the clutch, I am a little nervous and excited. Anyways, Here are some pictures you can judge for yourself as to the job he did.

Garrett had his Green on for St. Patrick's Day and he loved it!