Thursday, February 10, 2011

Music Anyone?

Just a goofy picture of our little musician! Garrett was having a great time drumming to the beat with his egg shakers. I just loved his face and caught it with the camera. Hope it makes you laugh as much as it did us.

January where did you go? Wait I never Blogged about Christmas

Oh My! Sorry fellow bloggers for my long exit from this world. Life has been nothing but normal and I haven't thought for a minute to sit and talk about the everyday. We have just really begun our routine again, not too many exciting times to blog about. I will try for you to think of funny stories and reconnect. For now please forgive me and honor the cute stories that I didn't get to tell about our Christmas Celebrations.

Fun Moments from the End of December:
Our Christmas events were very fun. Garrett showed that he was in fact a good boy in Santa's eyes and our too. This year we tried to focus on the meaning of Christmas and spend time and energy with family and friends. Santa was very generous to Garrett with a new Spider Man bike, helmet and a bell for the bike. We have had fun getting out an about. My long big workout bike rides have shorted for now until G gets a little better at the distances and staying out of the middle of the road, since many places in our neighborhood do not have side walks.

However, I am not sure how to take the fact that Garrett switched gifts that he would like to get from Santa at the last moment and asked for a scooter and a Big Mack (18 wheeler) truck. Christmas morning he was a little disappointed that these requests were not heard.

Enter cute story #1 HERE: We went to a party at my friend Jen and Matt's house and they had their house decorated for the holidays. In their guest bathroom hung cute hand towels that had a reindeer on each. One was in view of the potty seat and when Garrett sat down. He noticed that "Santa was missing a reindeer". How would he deliver the toys if two of reindeer were at Ms. Jen's house? He was very upset and confused. We made sure to put in a special request that they be returned before Dec. 24th. I believe this request was honored since Santa indeed visited our house.

Cute Story #2, Visit with Santa: Each year Santa Clause makes an appearance on my parents' street coming down on top of the local fire truck. It is a lot of fun and a great event that we have been doing since I was a kid. In recent years, since my Grandmother has been living with my parents Santa listens to requests from the kids and then walks down to the Wolek house. My nieces Bethany and Penny as well as Garrett feel as if they are the coolest kids that Santa comes into "their house" but not anyone else's.  Anyways, Garrett did not go for sitting on Santa's lap to spell out his requests only asked that I convey the message. When Santa came into the house he tried to talk to him from across the room. I saw the nerves and picked him up and asked him to repeat what he had said to Santa. That is when we realized that Santa was not the main attraction. Garrett asked Santa, not for his bike that he was talking about, or when he would return to his house or the north pole, but "Santa, Where are your reindeer?" Garrett was very concerned that Santa and Mrs. Clause were present but no friendly reindeer to pet and see up close. Too bad Garrett didn't get a glimpse of that Red Ford F150 decorated like it had been to the North pole and back, complete with snow flakes, garland and more. I guess the reindeer had the night off!