Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Garrett's first piece of chewing gum

For those of you that are wondering, I was in the back seat of the car with him. Garrett had fun with a really small piece of gum.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I like to floss my teeth!

Grandpa showed Garrett how to Floss his teeth. Every time we are in bathroom now he wants to brush and floss his teeth. Do we have good hygiene or what?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun new photos of Garrett

Daddy is so proud, sitting and playing with my new tools.

Yes, Momma I am playing in the box. All those expensive toys and I like this one best!

Sitting in my box talking to my Daddy

Not so Happy, when Grandpa put Grandma's sunglasses on me!

Eating some corn on the cob, my new favorite food!

Cleaning up the corn from my face.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Home ownership here we come!

Ok, so after lots of looking and no building...we put a contract on a house and it was accepted. We will be moving to Apopka, FL about 10 minutes from my parents but still near a little country (what can I say Arkansas rubbed off on us). We will be closing on July 17th. We have lots of fun ahead of us with painting, hopefully new counters (as they include colors like white/white in the kitchen, bright blue in the master and Steeler yellow in the guest bath) and maybe new carpet (pretty please!). We may be able to make one counter into a positive but the others will have to go...maybe when we get our taxes back. Our house will be three bedrooms and two baths, 1800 sq ft in a nice neighborhood. I will post pictures when we have some but HERE is the street view, our house number is 1878 Needham Road!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

News on the Home search and more

So we found that amazing buy, right. Well it currently has a contract on it. We went ahead and put in a back up contract, we know that the other contract was sent to the bank but it is less than asking. We should find out next week if there offer was accepted or if the bank counter offered and if they chose to take that. If all of this does not happen we will have an opportunity to bid again, maybe.

I guess our patience is a little thin. We have scheduled appointments to go to look at about 14 houses and by the time that we look at them they already have a contract. This stinks. We have been trying to go out each night and feel like we are still behind the curve.

However, there is still positive news. When we were here for the wedding my mom took us to a brand new neighborhood behind the one that we have been looking at. We decided to visit it again knowing that we could build a new home for about what it would cost to find a foreclosure and spend the money to fix it up. Why buy a used home that we have to sink a ton of money into, when we can have exactly what we want. The neighborhood is filled with kids, young professionals, and is close to a brand new Elementary and Middle schools (apparently they are A+ schools too). We will also still have a little bit of a country feel as the area is still developing. We are about to throw our realtor out the window and go for the gold and build. I think Bill wants to go this weekend and pick out our lot. If we start the process now if will be done by the end of November and we can still get the $8,000 first time home buyers tax credit. Wish us luck, I will keep you posted as decisions become more solid.

Other than the insane home search, things are still busy. My mom and some of the ladies from the neighborhood are throwing a baby shower for one of the girls that grew up on the block with me. That is tonight, so I have been running errands to get ready for the shower, since everyone else works.

Garrett and I have been going on a walk or a bike ride each morning to visit the ducks or just play on the playground. Yesterday he surprised me and climbed up the ladder to get to the slide, verses using the stairs. He did it so many times that he perfected the climbing. We also visited with a little girl that was at the park and played in the sandbox. She rolled and dug in the sand and Garrett did not know exactly what to do. He just sat there and pushed the dirt around. Lets just say that if he doesn't like the sandbox, I am ok with that. Less mess in the long run.

We went to Toys R Us and bought Garrett some new toys on Sunday, while we were out looking at neighborhoods. With all of this home construction going on he has found a new love of tools, Daddy is so proud. We went looking for some toy tools at Toys R Us and found him a small tool station from Playschool it has a drill and saw, hammer and a screw driver. He sits and plays with it forever. We also found him a small couch that pulls out to a play mat. Now when the family is watching tv he has his own chair to sit and relax. I would also like to say that boy toys are getting cooler, than they used to be. When we went looking we found that there is a line of tool toys, by Home Depot. I was very proud, when I was little the girls could have the kitchen play station and there was not anything for the boys. However, thank you Home Depot Toys because now they make a work bench and station for boys. Check it out.

Here is the whole line. Let's just say that we have a new wish list for birthdays and holidays.

What else? Garrett's vocabulary has grown by a few new words including: bink (binki or nook as some call it), coffee, thank you, hahhh (hot), no no (we are loving that one), dogie, kitty, yeah, and mnnnnn (when something tastes good). These are just a few, it has been so fun to watch him grow and learn all of these new words and the things he can do.