Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

We took Garrett last weekend to see Santa. We took a few fun photos. For the most part he did great, no tears. He really just looked at Santa like "Who are you and why am I sitting on your lap?" Hope you enjoy the photos

We took Garrett tonight to see some Christmas lights down at the Fayetteville Square. Last year we took him when he was only a few weeks old while my parents were visiting. He had so much fun looking at the lights and was just amazed. He also was surprised to see the camel and ponies at the square, unfortunately he is too small to really enjoy them.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving and Birthday Celebrations

For Thanksgiving we went to Florida a little early. One of my very best friends is having a baby in January and a couple friends decided to throw her a baby shower. So Garrett and I headed down to Florida and drove up to Tallahassee for the weekend before Thanksgiving. We had so much fun and Garrett got to officially meet some of my friends from graduate school.

After our trip to Tallahassee we came back to Orlando for a visit with Garrett's Grandparents and his Grand Pap (Bill's Dad). We had a lot of fun and got lots of wedding planning done. It is official we are really getting married, t-minus 4 months, we have so much to do!

Bill joined us on Wednesday night just in time for thanksgiving. We decided to celebrate Garrett's birthday on Thanksgiving since we had so many family around. We had so much fun. My mom and I made a Cookie Monster cake and a small smash cake for Garrett. He loved the cake and was so funny getting into it. I will have to post videos later after we get them downloaded. For now I hope you will enjoy some pictures.

On Saturday we took Garrett to the beach. We were able to take him in the water and let him play in the sand. He loved it and spent the whole time enthralled with the bucket and shovel. We walked through the water and got some amazing pictures. I should also mention that Bill spiked Garrett's hair the morning that we went to the beach so we didn't actually take Garrett to the beach but "Spike". He had a lot of fun and so did we. Check it out.