Monday, March 21, 2011

That's My Cutie Pie!

I recently went through my camera and found a couple of cute ones. We have been doing so much fun stuff lately that we have just not had the time to stop and tell each story. I hope these pictures will do for a Healy Update for now.

Garrett, Gibson, Avery and Ala (neighborhood kids) all went to bounce at a place called Bounce U. They had so much fun but were very tired afterwards. This was at the end of the afternoon, Garrett was playing basketball in one of the bounce houses and just layed down with the balls to protect them. 
Cheese..Pizza that is! We took Garrett out for a surprise pizza night. He was loving the pizza and was too cute for words. 

 Eating it up with Daddy! Which one is the silly one?

Getting ready for St. Patrick's Day eating up the green dounuts at church. This is a part of his Sunday morning ritual. Do you think he is comfortable at church?

 Cheesing it up with his 3D glasses in the back seat. Since Mommy got her new glasses Garrett has wanted to sport his glasses for the day.

We took Garrett to pick strawberries and took home over 5lbs of yummy delicious strawberries and many memories.