Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Finest! Just some Spring Fun!

 Easter weekend was so much fun. We started with a trip to the beach for the day just the three of us. No pictures as we have already ruined too many cameras at the beach. Sunday we enjoyed church in our new facility at Edgewater High School. If anyone is looking for a new church with fabulous people and open hearts I highly recommend you check out Grace Orlando. My parents joined us for church and Garrett got lots of Grandpa time as he is Grandpa's boy! We gathered with my brother and sister-in-law and their girls at my parents, joined also by my grandmother "Gram" and my uncle Vince. We had a great casual lunch and then all hopped into the pool after the Easter Egg Hunt in the front yard. A great day! Here are some new pictures. Unfortunately we tried three times to get a good picture of Bill and I, not sure if it is the photographers' fault or the people in the picture, but none were blog worthy. Here they are...

Grandpa Show me... They were looking at the pictures of the Old Edgewater High School, where my parents went to school.

Our future GQ, not wanting his picture taken. He looks like such a big boy!
 They were all just too cute holding hands, I had to get a picture while we were leaving church.

The cousins Garrett (3.5 years), Penny (3.5 years) and Bethany (Almost 7)! All dressed up.

The three of them "Hatching" their Eggs to see what was inside.
 Look closely and you can see me hiding inside. Although he acted as if he was completely hidden by the box.

Being Silly with my Google Head hat. Or officially my Lady Bug Band he made at school.