Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas in Dallas

We spent Christmas day in Fayetteville just the three of us. We enjoyed the day by opening presents, have breakfast, playing backgammon and eating a nice romantic dinner. The day was so relaxing and a chance to just enjoy our time together and make memories. The day after Christmas we headed down to Dallas to be with Bill's family and we picked up Bailey along the way. She was so excited to finally get to meet her little brother. What a great big sister she is, so gentle and loving. We enjoyed time with Bill's two sisters and their families as well his mother and Craig. It was really nice to just sit and relax together, hang out and talk. Howie, Lisa's husband even took us to downtown McKinney and we enjoyed the antique shops and a little ice cream from a classic ice cream shop. We took a ton of pictures here are a few of the highlights and the link to all the pictures below.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Santa meet Garrett

We took Garrett to the mall to meet Santa and we took some of our own holiday pictures.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

An evening of fluids

Yes, you read the title correctly. We were having a really good day, Bill and I took Garrett to Hobby Lobby to get some things to do the baby announcements and then off to the grocery store. Garrett did great, he fell asleep as soon as we got into the first store. When we got home we had dinner and then Garrett wanted to eat. So I fed him for about 20 minutes and he fell asleep on me. This is where it gets funny.

I am sitting in the recliner and all of a sudden the little one, now looks like a water fountain or should I say milk fountain. This was not spit up oh no this was a good 4-5 oz, maybe more, of milk. All over me and him. Needless to say bath #2 was in order. We got him all cleaned up and then dressed and dry again. Bill said, why don't we try and utilize some of these diapers that we got as samples before he is too big for them.

Have you ever heard the expression, Point it Down? hahahaha This is where it gets good. Bill is rocking him and he almost asleep. All of a sudden Bill got this look on his face, oh no. Bill turns to me and says I just got peed on!!!! Needless to say it was time for him to change, yet again.

So not only did Garrett get a bath, but Mommy and Daddy did too. All in all you just have to laugh. Two adult t-shirts, three baby outfits, a Bobby pillow and a couple of burp cloths later we are getting settled for the night.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My first Bath

Garrett got his first bath yesterday. We had been giving him sponge baths in the sink and he was a little upset with those. Yesterday, his cord stump fell off so we got to give him a real bath. He actually enjoyed it. He just sat in the water very content. Her is a pic of our little man in the bath. I promised him that I would cover him up so that later when we show his girlfriend his baby book he wouldn't get embarrassed.

This week has been fun. It has been the first week that I have been home with Garrett by myself. We are doing well and getting into a routine. I dare to say this, because as soon as I brag it will change. However, I will go ahead and brag, Garrett slept through the night three nights now. Two nights last week and last night. I was so excited to get more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep at a time, YEAHHHHHHH!

Oh, I almost forgot. One of my friends from Elon just had her own little man and she took this idea from one of her friends. Laura Childs this one is for you and Grant! Funny onesie Fridays have arrived in the fashion world of this little baby. I have been trying to save this outfit until a Friday so that it would truly be a Friday that I took the picture, but unless he has another accident he should still have it on through Friday morning. Thanks to Auntie Rebekah for the purchase of the first outfit to make it into the series. Anyways, here is the first edition of Funny onesie Friday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No longer the youngest

Well after 11 days Garrett is no longer the youngest member on the Wolek side of the family. Garrett's cousin Penelope Jane Wolek was born yesterday 12/11/07 around 8 am, 6 lbs 8 oz, 19 inches long. Here is a picture of my brother, my niece Bethany and baby Penny.

Also, many of you have been asking about pictures of his Grandma and Grandpa with Garrett here are a few.

Momma's babies sleeping...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

What a difference a week makes...

What a difference a week makes. Oh how life changes and all for the better.

10 hours of sleep per night...4-5 hours of sleep off and on throughout the night
3 loads of laundry in a weekend...3 loads in a day
a loss of 21 lbs in one week...the next 25 are not going to be so easy, but cherish in the victories
from honey and babe to Mommy and Daddy, but that sounds so good
And, One Little Man!
That I wouldn't give him up for the world.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More pictures of my first week

Grandma and Grandpa got here last night and they are having a lot of fun hanging out with the little man. We have not taken any pictures with them yet, but we have a couple of pictures from yesterday and today with his first sponge bath. Check these out.

Here is the link:

Here are some of the highlights...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Finally Home!

Hello everyone, we are home! We left the hospital on Sunday afternoon at 3 pm and Garrett did really well on his trip home. He had just had his baby boy surgery so he was knocked out for several hours from the pain medication they gave him. We were able to get home unpack and Mike and Leslee stopped by for a little bit, before he woke up. We are so excited to have our new little bundle of joy at home. He is doing well and sleeping and feeding well. We did discover that many hours of sleep during the day means many hours of awake at night. Needless to say we are earning the bags under our eyes, but loving every minute of the cause of them.

Anyways, many of you have asked for more pictures. Here is the link below. If you cannot link directly to it, copy and paste it into your web browser. You do not have to sign in to Kodak Gallery to view the pictures.

Thank you to everyone for the emails, phone calls, well wishes and much more. We truly appreciate your love and support.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

William Garrett Healy is here!

Our new addition has arrived and we are sooo proud of him! He was born at 8:30 am Saturday morning December 1st. He was 8.2 lbs with Blond hair and blue eyes, although I am told that all newborns have blues eyes until they are about three months. So... he may have his mothers beautiful brown eyes soon! Let me tell you all if you don't already know, how strong Dayna is and how incredible she is! She is my new hero for bringing such a wonderful new life into this world. She barely made a sound as she pushed through the labor pains. She did not lose her composure, scream, or even cuss me for being sarcastic and trying to lighten the mood. I am truly in awe of this fine woman that we all know. She is the Love of my life! Garrett is healthy and happy and seems to have his mothers calm ways and easy going personality. I may try to take credit for his good looks though! :) Pictures are attached and we will have many more to follow. Today is truly a great day!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Soon very soon!!!!!

On Wednesday I went to the doctors office and she said that Garrett was going to need some coaxing out. She did not think that she was going to induce me until next Tuesday, but wanted to get an ultrasound today and see how he was doing. I asked her how much she thought he was going to weigh, she said 7-7.5 lbs. However, we went for the ultrasound today and they took measurements and they are predicting 8 lbs 8 oz, after that we told them to hurry up. They also said that the amniotic fluid was at a lower level than they wanted it to be so the doctor said that she wanted to go ahead and induce me tomorrow!!! Yes, that is correct we will head to the hospital tomorrow at 8 am. However, the doctor did say that she thinks that Garrett will not get here until Saturday, because of my progress before the induction. Stay tuned for updates, we hope to have some pictures up here by early next week. I am sure that we will not have internet access until we get home from the hospital. Wish us luck as we venture into parenthood! Yeah little baby boy!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

No baby yet...:(

So they say that your due date will come and go and you will still be pregnant. This is true! Garrett did not arrive yesterday, boo! I think he is too happy in his warm and dark home. I personally think he is getting too big for his britches and is wearing out his welcome. We even tried having Thanksgiving dinner two times and he did not come. Bill and I went Christmas shopping today and I did some shopping yesterday. I am trying to walk this baby out. We shall see if that brings him out.

Ok so on another thought... Did any of our out of state friends actually watch the Arkansas vs. LSU game? Arkansas the unranked team that we were, beat the LSU (#1 team in the nation) in triple over time 50-48. The both of us were screaming at that game in excitement. What a awesome game!

Ok on another random thought... When is this nesting supposed to happen? I think Bill and I are both waiting for me to randomly get the urge to clean the house. At this time I am lucky to have a few good hours a day and personally I am not interested in cleaning when that happens. Bill did give me the get out of the dishes free card, but I hope that I don't abuse that card too much. I know that I am blessed to have a man that actually cooks every meal so I do want to make sure I remain thankful for him.

Anyways, stay posted here for the pictures of the little one. As soon as we have him and we have a chance to post pictures we will.

Friday, November 16, 2007

T minus one week!!!!

I know everyone is wondering if this little boy will ever get here. Ok, if your not I am for the rest of you. I am currently one week out from my due date. So far the doctor is really happy with how things are going and believes that we are on track for a healthy delivery and baby. She did think that I may be late, so Bill may get his wish to have his little man born on his birthday. Personally I think that would be an amazing gift, maybe I won't have to get him another birthday present again...hahah just kidding baby! My co-workers are starting to get worried if I haven't arrived by 9-9:30 am each morning. With doctors appointments and the lag of getting up in the morning it is around that time that my smiling face appears, but thankfully they are very understanding. Good thing I work in student affairs where the students don't even show their face until at least 10 am. Each day I am leaving knowing that it could be my last at work for a little while, I may be driving everyone crazy trying to prepare them in case Garrett makes an early appearance.

Anyways, if you are one of those people that is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new baby on the block, keep checking back here. We hope to have news and pictures to share within the next two weeks. Cross your fingers and keep us in your prayers for a healthy baby and mama! Miss you all.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope everyone is having a great Halloween. Just for fun these pumpkins got all dressed up. Thought it might be entertaining to you...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Surprise weekend

My parents and Bill have been working together since Labor Day to coordinate a weekend for them to come up as a surprise. Well I was surprised. Bailey also came up for the weekend so this is has been a big weekend. We have really enjoyed hanging out and just relaxing together. Yesterday we went to the game and today we are just going to enjoy the day together. Here are some pictures of our weekend. I will upload more later.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Love of my life!!!!!

I have the best man ever! Despite my working late all week long and barely having the energy to hang out this week. We woke up this morning and Bill wanted to go to Ricks Bakery (my favorite bakery ever!!! ) for breakfast. We got up this morning and I opened some cards that I had gotten early for my birthday and Bill brought out a few presents that he had bought for me. Since we got the Jeep, they added a tow package I asked for a Razorback that goes into the tow receiver and an Arkansas license plate for the front. I was so excited now my car is cheering on the Razorbacks! Anyways, we got dressed to run some errands and stopped first at Ricks. We ate breakfast and then Bill got up and said he would be right back. He came back with a beautiful cake decorated for my birthday and fall. He said it was chocolate with peanut butter filling and whipped icing. He told me that he had bought some vanilla ice cream to eat with the cake after dinner tonight. He figured that it would taste like a giant peanut butter cup, my favorite candy ever. He was right, and he got all the details correct on the cake, even down to the type of icing that I like. I was very impressed, he is so sweet. I know that it is the little things in life that make you truly appreciate the love that you have for someone. What an amazing man that I have!!!!! He even sang happy birthday to me! I am truly blessed!

He even went out today while I was out working and purchased gourds to add to my fall decorations. I know that he is not a big fan of gourds, but they look so pretty and are easy to use for fall decorations. Check it out. Our house is almost ready for fall!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

More pictures

As most women are, I am very picky when it comes to how I look in pictures. I was not a big fan of the pictures Bill took of me after the game yesterday. I got all dressed for church this morning and when we got back, I asked Bill to take a picture. Simply put, I think I looked cuter today than yesterday. You can be the judge.

Anyways, we picked up a copy of Arkansas Bride at Barnes and Noble after church. I looked online at all the locations in NW Arkansas. I think we are still interested in our original choice. The Botanical Gardens just down the street from our house. Let us know what you think. Here is the website. Now we just have to look at the Farmer's Almanac to see when the leaves will be at their prime.

All the baby laundry is done... Doesn't it look cute! So small, we can't wait.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Long time no Blog...

Sorry, I have not blogged in a while, but it has been really busy around here. Bill was gone for a week in Pittsburgh, PA. He had a chance to attend a Steelers game and visit with his uncle Patsy and his step mom, Mary and her mom. He was also able to go to the house he grew up in and reminisce about his childhood. Click here to see his photos.

While he was gone it was a busy week here, AOII was it the middle of recruitment and ended up with 69 women in their new member class. YEAH Xi Omicron for meeting quota their first year in formal recruitment. Congrats Ladies. As many of the women in the chapter did I ended up sick from the late nights and long days, plus a week of long days after. I was so excited as last Friday was the Student Government retreat for all students involved with ASG. We had over 75 students at the retreat. After reading all the evaluations and hearing from the students we believe that the retreat was a great success. (Wow, what a work-aholic, I am blogging about work! Yikes!)

Bill got home during the middle of the retreat and came to join me for dinner. Last weekend was uneventful with me trying to get over being sick and Bill tired from his trip. Life this week has been nice as it is getting back to normal, minus now the both of us getting sick. I stayed home on Wednesday and Friday from work, but thankfully my doctor was able to give me some medicine and I am starting to get better.

We are so excited as we were able to get tickets to the Razorback game tomorrow. It's parents weekend this weekend and so tickets were going to be hard to come by. However, one of my friends had tickets and was willing to give them away, since he was going to be working most of the weekend on the parents weekend festivities. Let's hope that this weekend's game is much better than the last few for the Razorbacks. I know I haven't posted a picture lately, but I promise one is coming, so many people have asked me where the latest photo is. I will Bill take a picture of me this weekend.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

As I thought this was going to be just a simple rainy weekend. I got home last night from work and we were making our plans for the weekend. Bill said I was thinking, you have been wanting to go away for a weekend and you have been stressed. What if we went to Eureka Springs this weekend and took advantage of one of those bath houses up there? Wow, I thought what a great idea. We got online and found a hotel that had a great package deal, 1 night in the hotel, breakfast for two, and 2 one hour massages, how could we turn that down! We are off this afternoon for a short drive and an evening away. I can't wait and what a wonderful surprise. I am so thankful, I continue to be surprised by this man I am truly blessed!

Before we headed off to our weekend away we decided to run a few errands. One of the AOII alums was having a garage sale and she told me that she had a ton of baby things to stop by if we had time. We stopped by and definitely found some bargains. We got probably 30 outfits, some books and some needed items for a deal! We are so excited and definitely thankful. If anyone else knows of some bargains, let us know.

This week we took a little time and went down to Oklahoma on Tuesday to see Bailey in a pageant. She was one of three 14 year olds that competed in the Miss McCurtain County pageant. We arrived and they weren't ready to start the pageant so we got to take some time and hang out with her before she made her debut. She looked so beautiful and very grown up. We walked away and Bill commented that she took his breath away. She did a wonderful job and we were both so proud of her. Unfortunately we did not bring our camera, the only picture we have is from my camera phone while she was in the car.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Keeping Busy

I apologize that we have not posted recently. It has been very busy with the start of school. Last weekend we drove to Tulsa, OK to get the crib and set up the nursery, unfortunately they did not have the crib in stock and had to order it, so we made the trip again yesterday. Let me say it was well worth it. We were so excited to get everything set up, Bill even missed the first Arkansas game of the season. Thankfully it was on the radio at least. We are still working out the details of how to fit everything in the room, but for now this is how we have left the room. See the pictures below:

Not only have we been busy at work, but we have also been searching for the perfect family vehicle. Since my mother gave her motherly advice a few months ago... Bill and I both had two door vehicles, not exactly great for a baby and car seat. We looked at almost every vehicle car and SUV out there. Including the Jeep Wrangler 4 doors. Something we had written off as out of our price range was a Jeep Cherokee. However, Bill stopped by the Jeep dealership in Springdale to look at the Wranglers and found a used Cherokee with only 20,000 miles on it for significantly lower than all the other vehicles we were looking at. He told me about that and the Liberties and we decided to go look at them. We test drove the Cherokee and found that we would be able to get a great deal. They even through in to get the seats re-upholstered with leather and a tow hitch. The SUV was everything we were looking for and more for a lot less. We are super excited and have already been spoiled with the new purchase. So if you know anyone that wants a Scion TC with 23,000 miles on it, there is one waiting for you in Springdale Arkansas. Anyways as you can see it has been a busy weekend. Purchasing a new vehicle, getting a crib and setting up the nursery. We are on our way to really being a family.

Here is the latest on the weekly photos:

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Sorry it has been a while since I have blogged. Last weekend we hosted our friends and family at our house while they hosted us in a small baby shower. And this week has been so hectic getting ready for the start of the fall semester next week.

We are so thankful for our friends and family. We had a wonderful time with all of our guests last weekend. With my mom, Bill's mom, sister and brother-in-law, and my friends Rebekah, Reagan and Laura we had a busy weekend. With the exception of my mom everyone got in on Friday around five and we went to dinner as a large group. The girls luggage got lost in Atlanta so they were without their belongings until Saturday morning. We hosted everyone for breakfast Saturday morning and then took the girls to get our nails done. Bill took his mom and brother-in-law shopping on Saturday and showed them around Fayetteville, including the Farmers Market in the square. When we arrived home we quickly made lunch and the girls rushed off to the bakery to meet Leslee to set up the shower. After the shower Bill cooked for everyone on his new grill. We did learn that our house is not equipped for Thanksgiving family dinner, we did everything cafe style. Lots of tv trays and eating off your lap on the couch.

What a wonderful event, we are so thankful to everyone for all that you have done for us. Thanks to our friends and family we have definitely gotten a great start at preparing for the arrival of little Garrett and he will definitely be well dressed! I apologize that we could not host more of our out of town friends for the event, as the list was never ending and we wanted to make sure that we could spend time with everyone.

View the rest of the pictures...

After everyone left on Sunday, Bill and I passed out. And the rush started on Monday. Monday started the week before school starts it has been filled with seminars, AOII work week, volunteering with Freshman move-in and trying to prep for the rush that is recruitment for Student Government. Poor Bill there was not one night that I got home earlier than 6:30 or 7:00. I hope this is not a sign of the Fall semester to come. I made a vow to my staff that we were going to try to balance our work so that no one works more than two evenings per week. We obviously did not achieve this this week.

I called Bill to tell him that if I wasn't pregnant I would need some wine after work yesterday. Since that was not an option he took me to dinner for a date night. We went to Copelands for dinner and were going to go to a movie, but I was about to fall asleep at 9 pm. We opted to hold on a movie until today. He is currently off at the lake doing some training for the dive team and I am relaxing at home. Tomorrow starts the week again, yes on Sunday. Convocation is tomorrow and there is still much to be done before the first day of class and the ASG Cookout on Monday. I promise I am not a workaholic but this is how the start of school goes in student affairs. Wish me luck!!! And wish Bill luck as he will get to deal with me, pooped!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The weeks just keep seem to keep on going by so quickly. Summer is almost over, booo! Last week was filled with work and not much more. However, this weekend Leslee (my co-worker) and I took the student government executives to a lake house for their annual retreat. We had a wonderful time and got a lot of great work done for the year. This year's students are so motivated and excited about the future of student government, I can't wait to watch them in action. This year's retreat was filled with exciting work, yet a lot of relaxation and getting to know each other. I had a blast, but I am definitely tired.

OHHHHH, Booooo. We have to get another ultrasound at the end of August which we are really excited about. However, I asked the doctor if they had the new 3D or 4D ultrasound, the answer was no. :( So I guess we will just have to wait until we officially meet Mr. Man in order to get a detailed picture of him. No worries, he is worth the wait. The doctor sounded pleased with my progress and said Garrett's heart beat was nice and strong at 159. He continues to be very active and moving around frequently as I am sure this is just the start of our high energy child.

I am going to be an aunt again as well as a Mom. My sister-in-law and brother are pregnant and they just found out on Friday that it is going to be a girl. Bethany will be a big sister soon enough. We are very excited that Garrett will have a little girl cousin born maybe just a few weeks after he is. Amy's sister, Susan, also found out that she is pregnant and due around the end of February, I guess she is hoping for a leap year baby. I told my brother and Amy that 2007 is the year of the babies! We will have three new babies in our family within four months of each other.

One more week until I am six months pregnant! This Saturday will mark 6 months! I am definitely starting to look it too. I believe my belly is starting to pop and look really round.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just another week...

The belly is swelling! While the picture may be deceiving, it is definitely growing. I am noticing Garrett moving around more and more and trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in is trying. Poor Bill, I think he is a little frustrated with the body pillow I sleep with. Last week he made the comment that it is like having a third person in bed with us and now that I am pregnant it adds to the room I need while sleeping. I don't know if he will make it sharing a bed with me while I am nine months pregnant. We will see. For now he just works on stealing the covers. I get the bed room, he gets the covers. I actually woke up in the middle of the night when he was trying to reposition the covers, I moaned out of a dead sleep, NOOOOO don't steal my covers. He laughed and said that he wasn't trying to, just making it so that we can both have them. We both got a good laugh out of it in the morning.

I don't know if you have ever been pregnant before or your spouse has, but the dreams come frequently while you are. I have been dreaming the weirdest things in the last month and at least two dreams that I remember a night. They involve everyone, from people I haven't talked to in ages, to people I work with, family and friends as well as Bill. It is crazy the things that you dream! Bill keeps trying to figure out if there is anxiety related to these dreams or if they mean anything. From what I have read they are just the hormones going crazy.

Tomorrow I go for my next check-up I will be one week shy of 6 months. I can't believe I am almost 6 months pregnant, it seems like yesterday that we found out we were going to have a baby. Wow the changes that can happen. For now we continue to prep the house to get ready to share our lives with a new little one. This weekend has been pretty uneventful, just house chores and running around. We stopped off at the botanical gardens on our way home from church this morning, we really liked the location it seemed like it would be a beautiful place to get married. We will start the works to get information on weddings and events there. We both agreed this was the kind of place we wanted to get married. Anyways that is all the excitement for one week.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


This week I went back to week after one week at a conference, wow I hate coming back from a break. As nice as it was to get away, it sucks coming back to 70 emails, ewww! Anyways, the week flew by and it is again the weekend. And the weekend flew by and it will again be Monday in the morning. I guess that is the way the week works. Anyways...

This weekend was really nice we went to a jazz concert on Friday after a nice dinner for two on Dickson Street. Exposure to culture again was really nice. I haven't been to a cultural event in a while or at least one involving the ARTS! If only I can get Bill to take me to a dance concert next. I think for now "So you think you can dance" will be the closest to a dance concert that I will get, as he will only watch a few minutes of that show, with fast forward involved. Saturday, Bill went to his first day of training for the Benton County Dive Rescue Team. He is super excited to break out his dive gear and meet some new people, as well as make a difference. While he had fun at the lake, I went shopping. My friend Kathleen sent us a poster of a sailboat for Garrett's room, so I went and got that framed. I was also able to find some cute clothes. Thankfully they do make a few cute maternity clothes. Both of us were pooped after a full morning, but we still managed to make it out to Nate and Abby's house for a cookout. We enjoyed ourselves and Bill reminisced over his old charcoal grill as he just upgraded and donated our old one to Nate and Abby.

Today, we went back to the swimming area that Bill discovered on Beaver Lake yesterday. We packed our lunches and stopped off to buy a float or two. We found a little spot that we thought would be peaceful, yet we later were found by every kid at the park, as they decided to jump off the bluff right next to us. Anyways after 4 hours in the sun and lake, neither of us realized how much sun we actually got. Let's just say that both of us have raccoon eyes from our sunglasses and will proudly sport them as we go back to work tomorrow. However, I think we both agree that we will have to go back. $4 at a public park on the lake is much better than sneaking into the neighborhood pool at the apartment complex next to us. Let's just say IF the kids were saying obscene things we could not understand them as they were speaking Spanish and surrounded by their parents, verses yelling curse words at the pool in our neighborhood. I will take a day at the lake any day over an hour at the complex pool.

Anyways, I believe it is time for this mom-to-be to head to bed. Good night!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Our river trip

This weekend has been full of adventure already and it is only Sunday. I got back on Friday from my week long training on adventure based counseling, what a cool class. From the airport we went to lunch and to look at a Montessori School in town. For the most part I was very pleased with the school, it has a brand new facility for the infants until they turn 2. Each building has its own security key punch and each of us would have our own code to get in. They track who is in at what times so no one can walk off the streets and come in, a plus. There would be 7 babies in the class with Garrett, and two caregivers, best of all no wait list at the moment. I need to check around with other people in the area to hear more about their impressions of the place, but I enjoyed it.

Saturday we woke up and it seemed like any other Saturday, we had breakfast and sat around looking on the internet for things for the baby's room until around 10:30. We were trying to decide what to do for the day and Bill suggested that we go canoeing. There is a river about an hour from here called the King's River, we packed up our stuff and stopped off at the store and were there by 1:00. As we were about to walk out the door Bill suggested taking the dog. After the last trip we thought she would have liked it, so we took her with. I do have to say knowing that she is going to the groomers on Monday did help in the decision making. She got a hold of some fleas last week and has matted herself to pieces. Needless to say she will be getting a crew cut and a flea dip on Monday, I don't put up with fleas. The river was nice and relaxing and lasted about 6 hours. However, when Bill's friend, who went down it last weekend, talked about it, he did not say anything about the obstacle course that we would be traveling and the frequent low areas where Bill got out and had to push us down stream. Overall it was a lot of fun and Ruby had a great time. She was not too excited about swimming, but loved hanging over the edge of the boat to watch the water go by. And she loved rolling around and dragging her face on the rocks on the bank. At one point our white dog was completely covered in dirt, now to be light brown. The Kings River is just outside of Eureka Springs, AR, a very hippie town. The people who saw her on the river referred to her as a drowned rat with dreadlocks. Check it out and tell us what you think? We had a laugh out of it. Oh yeah, and there was a random river dog that followed us about 1/3 of the trip, Ruby didn't like him very much until we dunked her in the water for barking at him forever. That taught her!

Oh, PS. Here is the updated pregnancy pictures, 5 months pregnant. Hope everyone is doing well. We are started to get really excited and the reality is starting to hit us.