Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

We took Garrett last weekend to see Santa. We took a few fun photos. For the most part he did great, no tears. He really just looked at Santa like "Who are you and why am I sitting on your lap?" Hope you enjoy the photos

We took Garrett tonight to see some Christmas lights down at the Fayetteville Square. Last year we took him when he was only a few weeks old while my parents were visiting. He had so much fun looking at the lights and was just amazed. He also was surprised to see the camel and ponies at the square, unfortunately he is too small to really enjoy them.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving and Birthday Celebrations

For Thanksgiving we went to Florida a little early. One of my very best friends is having a baby in January and a couple friends decided to throw her a baby shower. So Garrett and I headed down to Florida and drove up to Tallahassee for the weekend before Thanksgiving. We had so much fun and Garrett got to officially meet some of my friends from graduate school.

After our trip to Tallahassee we came back to Orlando for a visit with Garrett's Grandparents and his Grand Pap (Bill's Dad). We had a lot of fun and got lots of wedding planning done. It is official we are really getting married, t-minus 4 months, we have so much to do!

Bill joined us on Wednesday night just in time for thanksgiving. We decided to celebrate Garrett's birthday on Thanksgiving since we had so many family around. We had so much fun. My mom and I made a Cookie Monster cake and a small smash cake for Garrett. He loved the cake and was so funny getting into it. I will have to post videos later after we get them downloaded. For now I hope you will enjoy some pictures.

On Saturday we took Garrett to the beach. We were able to take him in the water and let him play in the sand. He loved it and spent the whole time enthralled with the bucket and shovel. We walked through the water and got some amazing pictures. I should also mention that Bill spiked Garrett's hair the morning that we went to the beach so we didn't actually take Garrett to the beach but "Spike". He had a lot of fun and so did we. Check it out.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I want to do it myself!

We have been struggling for the last few days to get Garrett to eat. We decided to switch to home made baby food and he decided to stop eating. Finally, we gave him the opportunity to feed himself. This is what happened.

I'm Walkin', Yes in deed!

Many people have been asking us for some video of the little man walking. Here is a cute one. He loves Bill's belt and loves to walk around with it. However, sometimes this means that he steps on it an falls. Anyways. Walking, it is a learning process.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tickle Time

You tell me who the baby is? Bill and Garrett had a lot of fun.

Bill went camping and did his own Survivorman video. It was funny. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

One, two, three steps, yes we are walking!

So we have been kind of busy lately. Two weeks ago Garrett had surgery and recieved tubes in both of his ears. He did great and recovered very quickly. However, I do have to say that the it is one of the sadest days to see your little baby in a hospital gown. The doctor said that we got him in just in time, his left ear drum was about to rupture.

So the very next day, Garrett decided to show us his stuff. I went to sit him down and he went after my diet coke. It took about 5 steps before relying on the recliner. Maybe he like his Mommy and has a love for the diet coke, either that or he just enjoyed the shinny can. I think it was the can.

Ok. So then on Sunday, Garrett was really cranky and started running a fever and slobering everywhere. I looked into his mouth and discovered he started to cut a tooth. Unfortunately, it has not come in yet, however it is still inching its' way out.

We decided to get a camcorder, thank you Grandma & Grandpa. They said they couldn't miss Garrett's first steps. So we are excited and are supposed recieve it in the mail this week. Hopefully we will figure it out and post some videos soon. I know that you will have just as much fun watching him as we do. Stay tuned.

Also, many birthdays in the past few weeks or so. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Dad, Grandma Mauch (Bill's Grandma), Rebekah and Alexis.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Family Portraits

Today we went and had family portraits done. If you are interested in any please let us know we have lots. We are really excited about how they turned out. It has taken us a long time to get some cute professional just baby pictures. Finally my Mommy wish has come true!

Here are a few pictures from the photo shoot today. I am not very good at the live scrolling fancy stuff apparently so you will have to do with a link to the slide show.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My first Truck!!!

Bill has been wanting to get Garrett some "boy toys". On Sunday I took Garrett to Toys-R-Us to find an outdoor swing. We decided to go around the toys and found a new truck for Garrett. I found a few that were fun, however most that Garrett liked were 2+ so I decided to be a good Mom and only go for the ones that were age appropriate. However, he didn't like any of them. He actually had an opinion. When giving him an option he clearly chose one over the other. He found one that is a fire engine it lights up and moves by itself. Garrett loves it!!!! He played forever with it. And this is now his new favorite toy. He tries to drive the truck, even when it is trying to move on its own. It is really funny and so much fun to know that he is getting an opinion. Anyways, here is a picture of Garrett and his new truck.

Oh we also found the fun in folding laundry. Garrett loves the sheets and playing peek-a-boo!

I'm Gonna get you!!! Mommy was guarding the dog bowl so that Garrett did not get into it. Cute picture though!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Updates from Arkansas

Well we have been busy bees lately. Garrett is officially 9 months old, can you believe that. He is pulling up on everything and walking around with the assistance of toys on wheels. It will not be long before he is walking on his own. He has now started finger food so we are busy experiementing with what he likes and doesn't like. We know that Ham with Gravy is definately out....YUCK! Oh yeah, he is also into everything...and I mean everything. A few weeks ago he discovered the dog's water bowl. Let's just say water was everywhere and it was now bathtime. He has also discover playing with Ruby and he loves to have her lick his face.

If you haven't heard we have started new adventures with vehicles. Bill sold the bug, yes that is correct he sold his pride and joy. About a month ago Bill informed me that he listed the bug on his favorite website the and it sold! With the money from the sale, Bill was able to revisit his youth and purchase a 1988 Yamaha 1200 VMax. And for those of you who I am speaking a foriegn language, it is a motorcycle. It is is great condition and only had 13,000 miles on it. It was definitely a steal. With the left over money he purchased the old beat up truck that has been parked next door to us for the last two years. With a little, I mean a lot of elbow grease (and by that I mean that he was up to his elbows in grease) and a few trips to the mechanic, it is finally up and running. Bill has started his adventures to make over a new vehicle a 1979 Chevy pick up truck. At the moment it will do for rainy days and trips back and forth to daycare on the days I work late. All I have to say is Boys and their Toys. Bill always likes a project.

As for me, well school started last Monday and we have been busy ever since. For the most part wedding planning is going well. Progressing at least... I ordered my dress, picked Bridesmaid dresses, found a florist and we are working on a band or DJ and a rehersal dinner location. Wow, seems like I a lot but it is slow moving.

If you would like to see the wedding vision, here are some links to let you know how beautiful it will be!

Bridesmaids dresses only in coral, you can change the color to view the dress

Groomsmen in the Destination Suit (aka Kacki suits with coral or fun tie)


The location = the Estate House

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th

We enjoyed a weekend get away for the 4th. We traveled to see Bill's family and celebrate Lisa's 40th birthday a little early. We enjoyed grilling out and swimming most of the weekend. Garrett loved the water, splashing everyone including his Grandma. Garrett would splash himself and everyone else and then laugh and laugh. Needless to say this little boy doesn't have a fear of water.

We enjoyed a nice evening to celebrate Lisa's birthday in which Howie, her husband, confirmed that she was over the hill with lots of fun party city gifts. Including a cane, geezer crossing hat, parking permit for the old folks, etc. We all got a kick out of Lisa's new look, including her daughter Crystal. Lisa told her that she was going to pick her up from school in her new outfit. I'm not sure anyone would recognize her.

Relaxing with Grandma!

Here are some more pictures that we have taken lately.

Thank you to Laura for the Fart Factory onesie, this was our last Funny Onesie Friday. Garrett is gearing up for Football season with Daddy's Stealers hat and his Fart Factory shirt... just give him a remote and he will be ready for August.

He has found the remote!

Experimenting with a new hairstyle!

Garrett and Mommy at Jill and Scott's Wedding in North Carolina.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Melting my heart!!!

Couldn't help it... He is just too cute!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Almost Mobile

Garrett has a new trick... He gets up on his hands and knees and starts to rock. Without a doubt he will be up and moving soon.



Eat the Blanket!

Houston We have a Wedding Date!!!

After driving coast to coast (of Florida anyways) we decided on a location and have set a date. We will be getting Married on March 22, 2009. Yes you marked your calendar correctly it will be on a Sunday. All Saturdays from coast to coast are taken for next spring. I guess other people had the same idea. Anyways, we are both ecstatic that we will finally and offically be the Healy Family soon!

We will be getting married at the Estate House at Cypress Grove in Orlando Florida. For those of you that are interested check out the link.

We offically have a location, date, catering, cake and much more. This wedding planning thing is for the birds. Maybe now that the location and date are set we can get to all of the fun stuff. My friend Abby and I went shopping for wedding dresses and despite trying on every dress David's Bridal has to offer and much to the demise of the sales associates, no luck was to be had. For now I will keep looking and keep planning.

Oh and PS I guess Bill and I were trend setters because almost all of my friends are now in the baby making days. Congratulations to all. I believe between my friends alone we will populate the next generation with boys as everyone I know has just had or is having a boy.

Top 5 reasons Dayna has not blogged lately!

I realize it has been quite a while since everyone has heard from Dayna and Family; so, feeling the need to subsidize everyones need for pictures and the day to day events in our busy, but fasinating lives....I have stepped in to try and pick up the ball and get you all informed and caught up. I will do this in a different way though. I will give you the top five reasons why we have not blogged in the last month or two.

Number 5. We have sold our house in Arkansas and are in route to sunny Florida...Not! But we did plant a statue of St joseph in a dying plant that is not living up to his billing as the patron saint of carpentry :(

Number 4. Dayna has found a job as a belly dancer and is bringing in great tips at the local mediteranean resturant during lunches! Grrrrr!

Number 3. Dayna has been so busy planning the wedding with all the choices we have to make and she is stuck between avocado finger sandwiches and beenie weenies. I through in my two cents for a nacho cheese fountain...byoc (bring your own chips)

Number 2. The baby is becoming so curious and on the verge of crawling, he is also eating baby food now. We can not bring ourselves to do anything but play with him and squeeze his big cheeks! Lots of gratuitous cheek squeezing! It's like porn but with mashed veggies and fruit! Try it!

And the number one reason Dayna has not been blogging is.....Insert drum roll here...

Number 1. Dayna has been suffering from paranoid delusions of getting a full night's sleep and not waking up for 3AM feedings with a hungry but lovable boy.

So, this being said, please respond with comments, criticism or concerns for the happy mother of this wonderful little handfull. And if you are pregnant with your first; be prepared for NO FREE TIME!

One more thing....Did someone say nacho cheese fountain. Cast your vote!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful! We spent some quality time as a family and enjoyed hanging out. The day started with a "Christening" from Garrett. I guess that it was not officially my first Mother's Day without getting peed on. I went to open his diaper and it went everywhere. Needless to say both Garrett and I both needed some cleaning after that one. Anyways, after that Bill put together one of Garrett's toys that we have had for a few months. We hung out on the floor with him and enjoyed time of laughter and smiles. Garrett loved his new toy. He actually sat up for about 10 minutes playing with it. The picture below is one of my new favorites.

After hanging out and enjoying some time together we decided to go the Razorback Baseball game. Lots of fun. It was sunny and warm so we had a chance to soak in the sun while we cheered on the HOGS. Not to mention they won against South Carolina 4-2. Overall I had a wonderful first Mother's Day. I hope that all the other Mothers' enjoyed their day as well.

Oh, we have been exploring solid foods. Today we tried sweet potatoes for the first time. He LOVED them. He was actually almost diving for the spoon when Bill was feeding him. This was the first time he was just ready for the next spoonful, we could not believe it. Anyways, another cute one of him.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We got a little picture happy this weekend. He is still working on this one, but he is getting better.

I don't know about you but we think he is pretty cute!

Just before Mommy's Day, I would like to pay tribute to a great Daddy! We love this Daddy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More pictures

Ok so I guess I was overloading the blog with the last post so here are some more pics.

Just before he tipped over! opps.

What a face!!!! We love this little boy!

We are back

Hello all, sorry for the long delay between blogs. The semester is finally over yeah!!! Summer is here! Garrett is growing so fast. He is now almost 5 and a half months old. Not only is he now rolling over and proping himself up when he is on his belly, we are now working on sitting up. We tried putting him in a high chair at a resteraunt and he really did well. This has been a fun new adventure. He is talking more than ever and working on standing up. He can stand with our support for a few minutes and then he drops. These are the latest in the skill development.

We decided that we needed a weekend away two weeks ago. So we headed down to Mount Magazine, the tallest mountain in Arkansas. They have built a beautiful Lodge at the top of the mountain with lots of hiking trails. We were definately in our element. Garrett loved hiking too. We strapped him onto a carrier and went walking on the edge of the mountain. I would show you pictures, but our camera battery was dead. If you would like to view the mountain and our beautiful view check out the website.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!! We are so excited we are going to visit my parents in Orlando. Garrett wanted to be a messenger for this surprise. Isn't he cute!!!

Here are a few new pictures of our little man!

Pictures of Garrett and I at the Mount Magazine Lodge.

We took Garrett to the Red and White Spring Football game. It was so cute. He actually cried every time they sang the fight song or called the hogs, despite the cute Razorback Gear to cheer them on. I think it was because it was so loud he was not ready for the noise.

One of his many new tricks. He got a little bit of sun when we went out walking at Lake Fayetteville.