Saturday, December 19, 2009

Just a few of my favorite things....

So Garrett has been super cute lately. We are making memories left and right. Just a few things to share how lucky we are.

I love it when... We tell Garrett is time to go to bed and we need to do the "Night, Night March!". We literally march and chant march, march night night march. Down the hall. Bill and I get the biggest kick out of watching him March his little bummy to bed.

I love it when... Garrett finishes at the dinner table and wants to get down...We blast off, Rocket Ship into the air. This simply consists of us counting down 3, 2, 1and throw him in the air. He gets the biggest grin on his face and laughs.

I love it when... We got a new kid music CD for Garrett's birthday. One of the songs is "Where is pointer". You know the one where they go through all of your fingers saying "Here I am, Here I am". When it gets to the pinkie he thinks that they are saying Binky (that is what we call it anyways, it may be paci, pacifier, the plug, etc to you). When the song says, Where is pinkie, he quickly guards his Binky and say no My Binky! I get the biggest laugh.

I love it when... We are potty training right now, oh how fun. Whenever Garrett is successful in his trip to the potty, he looks at me and says "I did it" with a big smile. He is so proud of himself and we are of him too.

I love it when... Each morning Garrett wakes us up around 6 am, so we don't hop out of bed to say the least. One of us will go and get him out of bed and he joins us in bed for a few minutes. Garrett always wants to be in the middle and says "Cover up Momma, Cover up Daddy". If one of us is still sleeping he will turn to the other and say, "Shhh Momma Sleeping" in a quiet voice. Then he will proceed to stealing the pillows from both of us.

I love it when... We go to pinch Garrett's Butt and he runs away and says no "My Bummy". We may have taken this game a little too far a couple of times as he has ended up in tears, crying My Bummy. My latest response was that Momma and Daddy made that Bummy and we can pinch it whenever we want to.

Just wanted to share some of the cutest things that we have discovered about this little man and his personality. We love that little guy!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Healy's House

Ok, so many of you have asked and I finally got my act together to get some pictures taken of the house and now here they are. Some before and afters for you too. We have done a lot of work to the house, while you may not be able to see, almost all of the walls have been painted. We still have the bedrooms and the bathrooms to paint, but one bathroom has already had a small makeover, Sorry Steelers bathroom! Hope you enjoy, I know that we do. We would love to have you, so come visit us in Florida!

Living Room/Dining Room Before

Living Room/Dining Room After, No more Pink, YEAH!

Kitchen Before, thank you Grandma Yellow:

Kitchen, Pantry and into the hall after. Bill added all the trim to the pantry and it looks so nice now:

Yeah thank you Honey for my new kitchen table! We just got one yesterday!

Family Room

Merry Christmas!

Master Bedroom

Bonus area in Master

Garrett's Room

Guest Bedroom (Come and see us! We live very close to Disney 30-45 min max)

Guest Bathroom Before, Go Steelers!

Guest Bathroom After, Sorry Steelers, but yeah for no more yellow counter!

Happy Birthday Penny!

My neice Penny turns 2 today! Happy Birthday Penny!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Timbeeerrrrrrr.... Oh No! Christmas Tree!

Yes, you read correctly these are the words that I heard this morning, well maybe just the oh no! I was in the other room folding laundry while Garrett was "watching" Mickey Mouse, his morning cartoon. When all of a sudden I heard some bells ringing. We have decorated for the holidays so, I thought oh he got into some decorations. No big deal. All of a sudden I heard the tree crash down, Oh no, and tears! I think he was trying to pull one of the bells off the tree, when it came over on him. Needless to say I am so thankful that we purchased mostly wooden ornaments three years ago. We had a mess to clean up, but a little vacuuming later and some tissues...The Healy's Christmas tree was back in business. Now, instead of be gentle, we are teaching Garrett NO Touch!

Oh the joys of having a Two year old! I never thought I would have a Christmas tree fall over!