Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hide and Go Seek!

Garrett has discovered the game Hide and Go Seek. It is too funny, Bill and I hide around the corner of the bed and he comes around the corner, so excited and laughs when we say "boo". Since learning this game he has developed his own version. It is called Hide my eyes and come and find me. He will run to the corner of the room or the wall and bury his head against the wall. When you come up behind him he giggles and laughs, you would have thought you found him hiding under something. He is too funny! This little boy is the cutest ever!

Giving thanks to the people that do so much

I just have to say a huge thank you to some people that have been so generous. To the bridesmaids that listen to me be a bride, thank you. To my mother, who gets a daily update on the Wedding and Moving To Do, thank you. To DeeAnn and Martha for planning a fun wedding shower, thank you. And to DeeAnn who has agreed to do all of my flower arrangements, THANK YOU! I am so very appreciative of your creativity and the details that make everything that much better. I can't wait to see all of them come together!

Bill and I are so very thankful for the people in our lives that are helping to make our wedding day, the best. We can't wait to see you all.

T minus 22 days to Mr. And Mrs. T minus 7 days till we are out of our house. T minus 24 days till we are sitting on Key West sipping drinks and relaxing.