Sunday, August 31, 2008

Updates from Arkansas

Well we have been busy bees lately. Garrett is officially 9 months old, can you believe that. He is pulling up on everything and walking around with the assistance of toys on wheels. It will not be long before he is walking on his own. He has now started finger food so we are busy experiementing with what he likes and doesn't like. We know that Ham with Gravy is definately out....YUCK! Oh yeah, he is also into everything...and I mean everything. A few weeks ago he discovered the dog's water bowl. Let's just say water was everywhere and it was now bathtime. He has also discover playing with Ruby and he loves to have her lick his face.

If you haven't heard we have started new adventures with vehicles. Bill sold the bug, yes that is correct he sold his pride and joy. About a month ago Bill informed me that he listed the bug on his favorite website the and it sold! With the money from the sale, Bill was able to revisit his youth and purchase a 1988 Yamaha 1200 VMax. And for those of you who I am speaking a foriegn language, it is a motorcycle. It is is great condition and only had 13,000 miles on it. It was definitely a steal. With the left over money he purchased the old beat up truck that has been parked next door to us for the last two years. With a little, I mean a lot of elbow grease (and by that I mean that he was up to his elbows in grease) and a few trips to the mechanic, it is finally up and running. Bill has started his adventures to make over a new vehicle a 1979 Chevy pick up truck. At the moment it will do for rainy days and trips back and forth to daycare on the days I work late. All I have to say is Boys and their Toys. Bill always likes a project.

As for me, well school started last Monday and we have been busy ever since. For the most part wedding planning is going well. Progressing at least... I ordered my dress, picked Bridesmaid dresses, found a florist and we are working on a band or DJ and a rehersal dinner location. Wow, seems like I a lot but it is slow moving.

If you would like to see the wedding vision, here are some links to let you know how beautiful it will be!

Bridesmaids dresses only in coral, you can change the color to view the dress

Groomsmen in the Destination Suit (aka Kacki suits with coral or fun tie)


The location = the Estate House