Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th

We enjoyed a weekend get away for the 4th. We traveled to see Bill's family and celebrate Lisa's 40th birthday a little early. We enjoyed grilling out and swimming most of the weekend. Garrett loved the water, splashing everyone including his Grandma. Garrett would splash himself and everyone else and then laugh and laugh. Needless to say this little boy doesn't have a fear of water.

We enjoyed a nice evening to celebrate Lisa's birthday in which Howie, her husband, confirmed that she was over the hill with lots of fun party city gifts. Including a cane, geezer crossing hat, parking permit for the old folks, etc. We all got a kick out of Lisa's new look, including her daughter Crystal. Lisa told her that she was going to pick her up from school in her new outfit. I'm not sure anyone would recognize her.

Relaxing with Grandma!

Here are some more pictures that we have taken lately.

Thank you to Laura for the Fart Factory onesie, this was our last Funny Onesie Friday. Garrett is gearing up for Football season with Daddy's Stealers hat and his Fart Factory shirt... just give him a remote and he will be ready for August.

He has found the remote!

Experimenting with a new hairstyle!

Garrett and Mommy at Jill and Scott's Wedding in North Carolina.