Monday, October 6, 2008

One, two, three steps, yes we are walking!

So we have been kind of busy lately. Two weeks ago Garrett had surgery and recieved tubes in both of his ears. He did great and recovered very quickly. However, I do have to say that the it is one of the sadest days to see your little baby in a hospital gown. The doctor said that we got him in just in time, his left ear drum was about to rupture.

So the very next day, Garrett decided to show us his stuff. I went to sit him down and he went after my diet coke. It took about 5 steps before relying on the recliner. Maybe he like his Mommy and has a love for the diet coke, either that or he just enjoyed the shinny can. I think it was the can.

Ok. So then on Sunday, Garrett was really cranky and started running a fever and slobering everywhere. I looked into his mouth and discovered he started to cut a tooth. Unfortunately, it has not come in yet, however it is still inching its' way out.

We decided to get a camcorder, thank you Grandma & Grandpa. They said they couldn't miss Garrett's first steps. So we are excited and are supposed recieve it in the mail this week. Hopefully we will figure it out and post some videos soon. I know that you will have just as much fun watching him as we do. Stay tuned.

Also, many birthdays in the past few weeks or so. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Dad, Grandma Mauch (Bill's Grandma), Rebekah and Alexis.