Friday, May 29, 2009

Hello again to those who follow our blog. Sorry. Things here have been going fast. So as many of you know that when we arrived in Florida my parents decided to make over the side of the house that we were going to live. We finally moved in last week even though the house is not finished, we are just thankful for a steady place to lay our heads.

For Memorial Day, we left and went to Deerfield Beach to see Bill's dad and step Mom. We had a great weekend, Garrett enjoyed going to the beach and seeing the waves and playing in the sand. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures, since it was a quick stop at the beach. Let's just say we ended up being "those people" who put their child in the public shower naked. Yes that was us, but Garrett was so covered in sand from head to toe and even in his little ears. We just had to get him cleaned up before he got into his car seat. Bill just shook his head and laughed at me. While we were at Bill and Mary's we discovered a new activity, Texas Hold'em. We had so much fun and died laughing with Bill and Mary. We stayed up until late just playing cards, talking and laughing. We had a really nice visit.

Garrett and I have been having fun venturing out and about each day. This week we have been taking care of my grandmother. This morning we went to the park early, like 7:30 am and played on the slide and swings. Garrett did not want to swing in the baby swing he wanted to swing with Mommy on the big kid swing. He was so sweet leaning back on me and just enjoying the wind. I had a moment just soaking in the moment and enjoying the fact that I have time to spend this time with him.

Exciting news, we applied for and got approved for a home loan. Yeah, so last night we went to look at houses. We found a great one and would like to put in an offer if there is not one already. We are trying. I know that it is insane for me to say we want to make an offer the first night that we look, but this one is to good to pass up. It is a 275,000 for 150,000 4/2 and 1800 sq ft. The buys are great out there, but they are moving fast, the good ones anyways. We will see, wish us luck as we venture into home search mode.

Each day that Bill comes home, he says I have a new full time job for you, one day it was day trading, one day it was thank you note (yes, I am still writing them, I am so sorry), now it is finding us a place to live and a job. Let alone take care of a little one and my grandmother. Anyways, the search is going well for the house, jobs not so much. We will see, wish me luck and if anyone has any contacts. Let me know.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life In Florida

So as you know, we arrived in Sunny Florida late last Saturday. We have been non-stop since we arrived.

Bill started work on Monday, with the Wolek Family business, Brite Electric, Air Conditioning and Heating. Learning a whole new business is fun and exhausting. As he puts it he is on the AC (Air Conditioning) Rip Out diet. He has been working in the record high temperatures, mid 90s all week, in attics and outside changing out Air Conditioning Units and learning everything there is to know. Even if he eats everything he wants to, he will still probably drop 30 pounds this summer, just from the heat.

I am enjoying some much needed quality time with Mr. Garrett. We have had so much fun. We are starting to get into a routine, each morning we get up eat breakfast and go for a walk or bike ride to enjoy some sun. We stop along the way at the park and climb all over the place. Garrett learned how to go down the slide by himself, climb up the playground and has even had some fun swinging at the park. In the afternoons we have fun exploring the city, running errands, and even taking a dip in the pool some afternoons. I have to say that I am enjoying staying at home with the little man. I hope/wish this could be long term. Anyone have any suggestions of part time jobs, that would bring in some income and let me stay at home?

FYI... Thursday we have an appointment to meet up with our Wedding Photographer to receive the final pictures. I will keep you posted on where you can view them all. Check back on Thursday afternoon.