Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Smiles and Garrettisms

Well these days we have been spending lots of time at home and with our little man. He is growing leaps and bounds and each day amazes us with some of the witty things he says. Here are a few that keep us smiling.

1. We recently kitten sat for our neighbors Hope and Steve. Their kitten Sylvester is, shall we say very lively and well a true kitten. He and Garrett got along great, when we were not teaching Garrett animal kindness. While kitten sitting I was also staying with my Grandmother during the day, so we would be gone all day and arrive home to a fun loving kitten. Here are a few statements from the week.

G: Sylvester, I have a problem...
S: Meow
G: I missed you today! (insert frown here)

The next day...
G: Sylvester, I have a questions for you...
S: Meow
G: How about (long pause) you take a bath with (long pause) Sudsy Bubblestein, Yes, Sudsy Bubblestein.

*For you non-parents of a two year old. This is a character off of Jack's Big Music Show, who gets the dog, Mel to take a bath by setting a bath time mood. Very cute.

2. Bill and Garrett have the cutest relationship that I have seen with father and son. Each night they spend time wrestling, giving raspberries, or better yet tickling (more so Bill on Garrett). Anyways, they have a lot of fun together. The other night Bill went to poke on and tickle Garrett's belly. Here is the conversation as it played out.

G: Don't get my belly Daddy
B: Why is it fragile?
B: Why is it delicate?
G: No
B: Well then why?
G: My belly is for Dancing Daddy!
B: Well then what are you legs for... Getting Down!
G: Yep!!!!!
B: So your belly is for dancing and your legs are for Getting Down!

3. The last month we decided to put Garrett into swimming lessons. We have been going each day for a 15 minute lesson and he has done really well. As he swims I have a chance to talk with some of the other moms and one was asking me if Garrett was going to jump in off the diving board today. I quickly answered, no, I don't know that he is that strong of a swimmer yet. This is the deep end we are talking, my two year old dive into the deep end.... NO. She quickly stated that her boys' teacher was going to let them jump in and she would be there to catch them. I said wow that sounds fun, but I really don't think he is there yet.

Before the conversation had a chance to end, Garrett's teacher and he exited the pool. I quickly prepared his towel like a proud Mom ready to say great job today. I was surprised when he didn't come to me, but began with his teacher to the end of the pool. Oh my gosh, I guess he is jumping. Before I knew it, he was on the diving board and at the end ready to jump into 20 feet of water below. Fearless my little guy walked to the end and with a little encouragement, jumped right in to his teacher. The best part was that he swam up to the surface and to the side. I was so excited and was feeling like all the time and money we spent paid off. My little man is growing up. I just wish I had the camera out to capture it.

Please forgive us, as my dear friend Jill asked...Where are the pictures of Garrett. We need some updates. Yes, I know. However, a few weeks ago my son threw my phone in the community pool. Well this weekend while visiting with Vycki and Adam at Cocoa Beach, my husband dropped our camera into the ocean. Neither has yet to work and we will be attempting to save the SD card from the camera soon. My apologies or should I say Bill's apologies.