Saturday, February 21, 2009

T Minus One month!!!!

Yeah, the time is ticking away. I can't believe it but tomorrow will be one month until our wedding. We are just in the last minute preparations. I went to have my practice run of my hair done today, last weekend I took my dress for alterations, I feel like online ordering has become my hobby. Anything I can get online, I have! My prayer is that the weather is nice (since it is an outdoor wedding and reception) and the day goes off without a hitch. We are starting to get really excited, most of friends and family are arranging their travel plans and we too will be doing a bit more on the front end than originally planned.

We have decided to officially make the move to Florida, YEAH! We found someone to rent our house so, we will actually be moving out of it two weeks before the wedding, aka two weeks from today. Instead of flying down we will be driving a U-Haul down for the wedding and hoping to catch a flight back. This should be interesting. We will fly back to work for about a month and then drive the rest of our belongings down in May. We will rent from our neighbor for a little less than two months, who has a furnished townhouse so we will not have to keep too much. We super excited as these plans that have been about 2 years in the making are finally coming into light. Next step, confirm U-haul, find a place to live in Florida, pack our things and go!!!! Can't wait to see you in Florida for the wedding!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Milk Everywhere

Garrett decided to pour milk on himself when his daddy turned his back. Needless to say he had a lot fun, but needed a bath later.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let's Go Steelers, Let's Go!

Tonight we cheered on the Steelers to win their 6th Super Bowl. Jonathan and Lyndsy our fellow Steelers fans joined us for the game and we had lots of fun. The whole family was dressed for success, even Ruby joined in cheering on the team. Congratulations Steelers, they took it to the end, what an exciting game!

Family photo

Garrett, Ruby and I cheering on the team.

Get your Game Face on!!!!

Our fellow Steelers fans, Jonathan & Lyndsy