Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Melting my heart!!!

Couldn't help it... He is just too cute!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Almost Mobile

Garrett has a new trick... He gets up on his hands and knees and starts to rock. Without a doubt he will be up and moving soon.



Eat the Blanket!

Houston We have a Wedding Date!!!

After driving coast to coast (of Florida anyways) we decided on a location and have set a date. We will be getting Married on March 22, 2009. Yes you marked your calendar correctly it will be on a Sunday. All Saturdays from coast to coast are taken for next spring. I guess other people had the same idea. Anyways, we are both ecstatic that we will finally and offically be the Healy Family soon!

We will be getting married at the Estate House at Cypress Grove in Orlando Florida. For those of you that are interested check out the link.

We offically have a location, date, catering, cake and much more. This wedding planning thing is for the birds. Maybe now that the location and date are set we can get to all of the fun stuff. My friend Abby and I went shopping for wedding dresses and despite trying on every dress David's Bridal has to offer and much to the demise of the sales associates, no luck was to be had. For now I will keep looking and keep planning.

Oh and PS I guess Bill and I were trend setters because almost all of my friends are now in the baby making days. Congratulations to all. I believe between my friends alone we will populate the next generation with boys as everyone I know has just had or is having a boy.

Top 5 reasons Dayna has not blogged lately!

I realize it has been quite a while since everyone has heard from Dayna and Family; so, feeling the need to subsidize everyones need for pictures and the day to day events in our busy, but fasinating lives....I have stepped in to try and pick up the ball and get you all informed and caught up. I will do this in a different way though. I will give you the top five reasons why we have not blogged in the last month or two.

Number 5. We have sold our house in Arkansas and are in route to sunny Florida...Not! But we did plant a statue of St joseph in a dying plant that is not living up to his billing as the patron saint of carpentry :(

Number 4. Dayna has found a job as a belly dancer and is bringing in great tips at the local mediteranean resturant during lunches! Grrrrr!

Number 3. Dayna has been so busy planning the wedding with all the choices we have to make and she is stuck between avocado finger sandwiches and beenie weenies. I through in my two cents for a nacho cheese fountain...byoc (bring your own chips)

Number 2. The baby is becoming so curious and on the verge of crawling, he is also eating baby food now. We can not bring ourselves to do anything but play with him and squeeze his big cheeks! Lots of gratuitous cheek squeezing! It's like porn but with mashed veggies and fruit! Try it!

And the number one reason Dayna has not been blogging is.....Insert drum roll here...

Number 1. Dayna has been suffering from paranoid delusions of getting a full night's sleep and not waking up for 3AM feedings with a hungry but lovable boy.

So, this being said, please respond with comments, criticism or concerns for the happy mother of this wonderful little handfull. And if you are pregnant with your first; be prepared for NO FREE TIME!

One more thing....Did someone say nacho cheese fountain. Cast your vote!