Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We have Power Again!!!

Well for those of you who have not heard. Northwest Arkansas was hit hard by sleet, ice, freezing rain and then snow. We were covered with at least an inch of ice everywhere. The U of A has been closed for the last two days and we have been without power. Just as soon as we made the commitment to get a generator, we got power a few hours later. We are so thankful for SWEPCO our power company, they didn't anticipate getting us power back until Saturday but we got it back today Wednesday evening. We are also very thankful for our friends Rob and Tristan for giving us a warm bed to sleep in last night. We had a lot of fun enjoying the ice days. However, we are really praying for those that are still recovering. NW Arkansas will not be the same. We lost a lot of trees and many people had trees fall on their houses, roads and power lines. Here are a few pictures from Tuesday morning, when the rain and ice had just started.

The pictures are not much, but the icicles continued to grow some as many as ten inches long and the trees and power lines continue to break and destroy things. Hopefully tomorrow will be above freezing.