Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We are officially home owners!

Hey all, we finally closed on our house last Wednesday and have been moving/unpacking since that time. Today was my first attempt to get back into a routine. Garrett and I went on an early bike ride and attempted to find a park to play. We learned later that there is one in our neighborhood, we just didn't go far enough. We will try again tomorrow. Nap time is spent unpacking, hanging, and planning for the changes in the house. I absolutely love our new house, Bill and I are having fun making it our own. Our kitchen is open to the family room and it is easy to keep and eye on Garrett no matter where goes in the house. I think Garrett loves it too, because he was never able to go to his room and get a toy to return with it, being that it was upstairs. Now he gets to enjoy his room, the family room and his own bathroom all within earshot of mom. YEAH! One of the best parts is that we are back to the point where almost everything is Garrett proof, meaning we don't have to follow a foot behind him to see what he is into. Also, it is nice to have custody of our animals back, welcome home Ruby and Mouse Eater (she spent the last four months as an outdoor cat because of allergies).

Also, an update on Delaney. Things are going well in recovery, they are taking her off the medicine one day at a time, so it is slow. No news on how long they will be in the Cardiac ICU or in the hospital, it may be the end of the week or it may be another week. Only time will tell. She was removed from the ventilators yesterday and I believe they took her off the feeding tube today. Thank you for all of you who have offered your prayers, please keep them up as it will be a long recovery from surgery. The average adult takes 6-8 weeks to recover from this surgery, just imagine a 7 pound baby.


Jonathan and Lyndsy Manz said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you to be in your own place and settled. You'll have to post pics of the house!