Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bye Bye Poop!

Ok, so as I promise this is not about potty training rather some new developments in Garrett's vocabulary and speech! I was reading up on the development of a child at 20 months, the information that I read said that a child Garrett's age typically has about 10-20 words that they understand, can speak and use in the correct context. So the other day I decided to write down all the things he has been saying lately. Bill and I have been counting, he has over 30 words that he uses. We have noticed that his vocabulary has taken off since we have been at home together. I am not sure if it is timing or the difference in the teacher, but I am excited.

One of Garrett's favorite new words is "bye-bye" he says it to everyone, as we go down the isles at the grocery store he tell products and people bye-bye. He even told the lady at the check out counter bye-bye before we put the first item up on the check out. I have since informed him that he has to say hello before he can say goodbye to everyone. We are still working on this. One of Garrett's favorite shows is Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin (if you are a parent, check it out, so cute and includes some parent humor too). Anyways, at the end of the show they sing a good bye song. I have been trying to get Garrett to say bye-bye Jack at the end of the show each day. Coincidentally, he did get a chance to tell a real Jack bye-bye the other day and has started to link the item and person with his bye-bye's.

Enter story title here: We went outside to play on our new swing set this morning and were out having a great time, when I realized that Ruby (our dog) had left us a present right under one of the swings. I quickly stopped Garrett and asked him to come with me to get something to pick up the poop. We came back out to clean up the poop and as I was cleaning, Garrett says, Bye-bye Poop! Bye-bye! I just about died laughing. I told him later that we needed to include this as we went poo poo on the potty. No joke the next time we went to the bathroom, he sat down and said, bye-bye poop! While no business took place, I just had to laugh. That boy is too smart!

Home Improvements

Hello all, my apologies again, still no pictures will be attached as I need to buy something to attach the SD card to the computer. I promise that is on my list for next week. Anyways, we have been busy bee's these last few weeks. We moved in our new house and got right to work. After unpacking we decided to paint some of the house. We bought sample colors for the interior and exterior and tried just to put the sample up inside. This led to an all weekend painting affair. The kitchen, family room and hallways are now painted as well as some accents on the exterior of the house. I love it. What $100 in paint will do. Now we have our home, verses the home that grandma used to live in. We will actually paint the exterior when the weather gets cooler. Somehow, it didn't make Bill's To Do list of sweating his ass off painting after he spends all day in 100 degree heat during the week. Who really wants to do that on the weekend? Anyways, we spent this last weekend getting a new dinning room table (beautiful it conversts from square to oval and round, and can hold 6 people easily) and switching some fixtures around the house. We also have a very generous neighbor. One of our neighbors had an old swing set in his back yard and asked if we would be interested in it. He told us if we can move it from his yard to ours, we could have it. So down went the fence between the two and a little bleach and clorine later we have a swing set that is good as new. Bill and I are still planning on buying some new hardware to replace the chains on the swings, but it looks great. Garrett went out to play on it the first night and spent about an hour out there. Bill taught him how to swing like an airplane (you know on your belly). He has had so much fun running around in the back yard playing and swinging. I can't wait to see all the adventures that he has back there.