Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Big Boy Haircut

Garrett got his first haircut last weekend. His long curly blonde hair was cut short. He now looks like a cute little boy. We have been toying with the idea of cutting his hair for a while. We wanted to be able to grow back if we needed for the wedding.

Garrett did great. He sat in the booster chair and did not flinch the whole haircut, except when the clippers came out to give his ears a trim. He broke down in tears. Here is a couple of pictures from the experience.

Unfortunately, Spike cannot make an appearance as easily.

Here is another good before pictures with his hair long

Garrett and Bailey when she came to visit just after the new year.

We have Power Again!!!

Well for those of you who have not heard. Northwest Arkansas was hit hard by sleet, ice, freezing rain and then snow. We were covered with at least an inch of ice everywhere. The U of A has been closed for the last two days and we have been without power. Just as soon as we made the commitment to get a generator, we got power a few hours later. We are so thankful for SWEPCO our power company, they didn't anticipate getting us power back until Saturday but we got it back today Wednesday evening. We are also very thankful for our friends Rob and Tristan for giving us a warm bed to sleep in last night. We had a lot of fun enjoying the ice days. However, we are really praying for those that are still recovering. NW Arkansas will not be the same. We lost a lot of trees and many people had trees fall on their houses, roads and power lines. Here are a few pictures from Tuesday morning, when the rain and ice had just started.

The pictures are not much, but the icicles continued to grow some as many as ten inches long and the trees and power lines continue to break and destroy things. Hopefully tomorrow will be above freezing.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome Ella Caroline Dorn!

Congratulations to Joe and Rebekah as they welcomed baby Ella Caroline to their family this morning. Thinking of you. Congratulations and wishing you well for a speedy recovery. We wish we could be there to meet you in person.

Ms. Ella do you need us to find you a date to the wedding? We have a very cute little man that is only a year older.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Holidays

We hope everyone had as wonderful of a holiday as we did and a Happy New Year.

Our holiday started with a last minute decision to travel on Tuesday night to Dallas to break up our 10 hour drive. Literally, we decided to make the drive at 5 pm and were out the door by 7:30, we made it to Dallas by 1 am and woke up the next morning to have breakfast with Lisa and Howie. Thank you to Bill's sister and Brother-in-law for a warm house and bed to stay in. On Christmas eve we made the rest of the drive down to San Antonio to see Bill's Mom, Craig, and Jennifer (his sister). We arrived in time to attend mass at Barbara and Craig's church for Christmas eve. Thank you Craig for our celebrity treatment, we had the only reserved seats in the standing room only church. That night we enjoyed chili and tamales (a Texas favorite). The next day we were joined by Lisa and Howie with their grand baby Anthony (5 1/2 months). We enjoyed dinner together and Bill made his new creation of sweet potatoes, apples, and bacon (YUMMMMMM!). We were so blessed to receive lots of fun toys and clothes for Garrett. We really enjoyed spending time with the family. I think Bill's mom enjoyed seeing Garrett and spending some time with us, I hope as much as we did.

I was so excited we were able to see a little of San Antonio including the Alamo, a little of the River Walk (the baby was sleeping so we saw it from the car), where Bill grew up and went to school. Overall, we had a really nice visit.

We arrived home around 2 pm on Sunday in time to watch football. This week I have been off from work as the U of A has been closed. I have really enjoyed spending time with the little man. We have played with all of his new toys, climbed up and down the stairs in the house several times, experience his first bubble bath, pulled around his fill and dump toy wagon and eaten lots of hotdogs. We have had so much fun, I wish that I could hang out at home with him everyday.

Garrett has added some new words to his vocabulary. He continues to say Momma and Dadda, but recently discovered "uh ohhh" and "ball". All of these are complete with the big O shape that he does with his mouth. It is so funny to hear, because he actually knows what these are. We discovered his new words or phrases when he dropped the remotes he said "uh ohhh" and then picked them up and repeated. It was so cute. If we can get some video of it I will post it.

For new years we went out to have some Mexican food and margaritas came home and relaxed. It is official we are parents. We stayed home and were in bed by 10 pm. Even my parents made it longer than we did. Are you kidding me? My dad called us to wish us happy new year at midnight his time (11 pm ours) and it woke us up. Anyways we were able to have some ham and amazing mac and cheese (a new Bill invention, with beer and worcestershire sauce, it was yummy) for new years day and are now enjoying the Rose Bowl. New years at home has never been so great. Spending time as a family and enjoying the little man and all of his wonders.

I hope you all enjoy your holidays and time with family. Happy New year and many blessings for 2009. We hope to see most of you in March at the wedding!